Monday, February 15, 2016

Do You Really Want It? Guest Spot

I'm exhausted!  Our lives have turned completely upside down with our  newest family addition.  I'll write more about her and how the rest of the family is (or is not) acclimating to her.  Here's a sneak peak:
I really am in love!  She is so sweet and so beautiful.  I know it looks like we have more than one puppy, but we only took home one.  The second puppy is one of her litter mates, taken at the breeder's house on puppy pick up day. 

Do you have any idea how cold this is?  Try training a puppy in this weather.  She's doing great, though!

This is Koby's bowl.  Look how little she is!!!!
With all the excitement of the new puppy, my blog has been neglected.  Bear with me.  I have a couple ideas brewing.  Speaking of ...
Amen!  Especially with the puppy waking me in the wee hours.
In the mean time, I had the opportunity to write a guest post on Dee's Blog, "Break Out the Skinny Girl."  I first started reading her blog in September.   She shares her journey to Skinny Town in a charming way which is both honest and humorous.   I can so relate to her. This weekend, she featured  me in a guest post, where I shared my thoughts, "Do you really want it?" Check it out!

Question for you:  (Answer in the comments below.)
What's your favorite hot beverage?  How do you take it?

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