Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Radio Silence

What a year 2016 has been!
After the ugliness of the US presidential election,  I pretty much logged off of social media for a few weeks.  It made me take pause, stop and reflect on what is important.  What would happen if we took time to meet our neighbors, maybe even to do something nice for them... If we found a good cause to support...  Maybe if we turned off the negativity and used our energy for good...  We would be better individuals... A better nation... Maybe even a better world.

In that light. I haven't been attending to this blog because I've had nothing to say. But today I'm putting it all behind me and trying to direct my energies into something positive.
Since we are in the beginning of the holiday season, I want to focus on wellness: nutrition, fitness and spiritual/emotional health.  Each post from now until the New Year will feature one of these components, essential to overall health.  I will share some healthy meal suggestions, recipes, workouts and maybe even a meditation or two. 
Went on my first bike ride since September a couple weeks ago.  It was a gorgeous day.  With having to recover from both my shoulder injury and the surgery I had on my leg, it's been a struggle.  Felt so good to be back!
Questions for you...
What is your favorite healthy meal?  Would you share your recipe with me?

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