Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Throughout my life, I have enjoyed "dabbling" in this or that, but I would never have described any one hobby or interest as my passion.

Ready for a ride...
Last year, I dared to say I want to do the Ride to Remember (R2R) this year.  It was a long term fitness goal for me.  Saying it out loud scared me.  When I was a kid, I rode my bike everywhere because I did not have a car.  I remember my parents flipped out when they found out how far and to where I was riding.  When I was in college, a man from my church died in a cycling accident.  He was hit by a drunk driver.  I did not ride my bike again until after I had Mitch.  I knew it was a good way to lose weight.  I used to take him on the bike trail in Northampton after work.  We had such good times.  When Joey was born it was a lot harder to ride together because Mitch was on his little bike and Joey was tiny.  It just did not work.  And that was the end of my cycling.

This was probably one of the last rides we went out on as a family.
Until this year...I remember my first ride this year.  I did not have my new bike yet.  We had a miserable winter and it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Dmitriy saw me at the gym and was like, "Get out there.  It's nice out."  And so I did.
Read about this in Dmitriy Made It Happen.
It was freezing!  I thought I was in shape, but the 15 mile loop I did kicked my butt.  Still, it felt good to get it done, even though I had to walk up the last hill near my house.  I was glad to get out there and get riding. The R2R was in about six months.  I had to figure out how to ride long distances and increase my speed and not be in agony afterwards.  It was going to be a challenge, but one I was stoked to beat.

Today is 45 days until R2R.  I'm averaging about 100 miles / week on my bike.  I am disappointed if I can't ride my bike and I think about how I am going to make it happen when I am busy.  Sgt. Delaney posted this YouTube video on Facebook.  THIS really sums it up how I feel about riding:

I would say it's passion.  I love it.  I love how I feel on a long ride.  I love the feeling of the hot sun on your skin, but the cool breeze from riding that keeps you going.  I love the smells and scenery.  You can go for a nice ride in the car and enjoy the scenery, but nothing compares to riding your bike.

I try to take a picture on every ride to help remember the journey.
These horses were out feeding the other night when I was out riding with my husband and I just had to take their picture.  How often do you do that when you're driving in the car? 

If you are on a journey towards becoming fit, I highly recommend endeavoring in an outdoor activity that keeps you in nature.  Hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing - anything that encourages you to move your body and gets you outdoors.  You never know where you will find your niche...try something new.  You may surprise yourself!  I LOVE hiking, but cycling definitely rules since all I have to do is gear up and get on my bike.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.
Colossians 3:23

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What's your passion?  Do you have something you love to do?  
Do you look for opportunities to go outdoors?  What do you do that makes you happy?  Answer in the comment section below.