Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fitness Challenges

November had me step things up (literally) to move my body. At work, we participated in "Movember", where everyone sent in their steps for each day. The idea being to increase your steps daily. I also participated in Run Eat Repeat's "Putting On The Miles." Everyone who signed up was to set a fitness goal for the number of miles run or walked and/or workouts completed.

I can't grow a mustache, but I did MOVE this Movember!
Run Eat Repeat
I really enjoyed these challenges because they kept me focused on moving my body and made me accountable for completing my workouts each week. I plan for one rest day each week, although sometimes the rest day claims me.  My goal was 6 workouts and 30 miles each week. I've accomplished my goal so far and am pretty psyched.  

I needed this because I haven't been cycling like I was all summer. It's been cold and gets dark early. Cycling provided me with intense cardio and I was burning tons of calories.  Before I started riding my bike, I did HIIT occasionally during my sessions with Dmitriy, or I did a few minutes here and there on the rowing machine, stationary bike or elliptical. Cycling really became a passion.  So, now moving my body (besides lifting weights) has to be an intentional thing for me.

These fitness challenges have encouraged me, more than I can describe.  I'm starting a new one tomorrow through MapMyRide, which is to do 30 miles in 30 days. That should be a piece of cake for me, but I'm only going to log walking and hiking, to make sure I am more purposeful with this one. (I'm not logging my steps around my school building.)

My steps last week.
So I am going to challenge you to join me.  The challenge is by Smart Water, called "Up Your Miles."  It is available on MapMyFitness apps. I use MapMyRide, a lot of people use MapMyRun. It's a free GPS app that tracks your distance and speed.  You don't have to participate through the app, but you will be eligible for prizes if you do. Join me in this challenge. I know the weather is turning colder, but get out there and move your body! Thirty miles in thirty days is one mile a day. Easy.

Join the Up Your Miles Challenge
Find me on MapMyRide as Tracey Pippin Coleman
Make sure to take pictures and post them on Instagram or Twitter, using #UpYourMiles in your posts. Let's make this fun!

Respond in the comment section below if you want to join me. You can download any MapMyFitness app or just join in and keep track of your miles on your phone. Let's see how far we can walk, hike or run this next month!

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Are you in for this challenge?  

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