Sunday, November 15, 2015

What Matters Most: Part Two

After I did the Ride to Remember in September, I started 100 Days of Gratitude, which has helped me reflect on what matters most.  So, in honor of Thanksgiving, I am doing a series of posts on "what matters most."  I wish I could say the posts will be on a specific day of the week, but I'm not that accountable when it comes to deadlines.  This is the second post.
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Above all, my family matters most. This post is dedicated to my children.  Tears come to my eyes as I write this because I am so proud of them both.

Always by Seventh Day Slumber
I'll never find the words to say, how beautiful you are, my son...
Even when I'm far away, I will dream of you tonight, I will pray to God to bless your life.  
Always, always.

Left: Joey
Right: Mitch
I was blessed with two sons. They are the light of my world.  As an only child, I never understood their fighting or disagreements. One would drive the other crazy and I would say, "You don't know how lucky you are to have each other."  My husband would chime in, "They're brothers, that's what they do."  I will never understand.

My husband, Joey, Mitch, and my brother-in-law, David.
Brian and Joey are Giants fans.  Mitch and David are Patriots fans.
It just adds to the family feuds!!  Today's game was INTENSE!
Mitch getting ready for little league game. Year = 2002 or 2003?
Mitch is now a junior at Worcester State University, majoring in business. He is doing so well. On top of school, he has a part-time job and is an RA so he can help with his college tuition.

When he was a teenager, we were like oil and water. We did not get along. Now, we get along amazingly well.  I so enjoy his company. He is incredibly smart. I love listening to his perspective on issues, even though I don't agree with him on many of them.  Because he is away at college, I miss him. Sometimes I will drive out there just so I can see him. 

Mitch was the President of his class.  It was such a proud moment when he gave his speech during graduation.

Joey with the cutest smile on my parents' boat.   Year = 2002 or 2003?
Joey is now a senior in high school. He is kind and has a warm heart.  Unlike his brother, he is very quiet and it's often like pulling teeth to get him to talk. But when there is a topic of interest to him, he is a flurry of talkativity.

Last November in Epcot Center
Active in our church's youth group, Joey has been on several missions trips. He's been to Pennsylvania, Washington (the state) and Northern Ireland. He has helped with various fundraising for the team. Each trip has been an opportunity for him to serve others and to see a different world perspective.  

In Northern Ireland, the team provided a lot of service to the community, including cleaning gutters, painting, gardening and hauling gravel to restore this little area into a community garden.
He is also my hiking buddy.  He loves to climb to the top of the mountain.  The more dangerous and steep, the more he likes it.  I will be so lost when he is off to college next year.

Last month on Monument Mountain

It may sound cliche to say my family is what matters most to me.  But it's true.  I think in this busy world we live, in our comings and goings, we often lose sight of what matters most.  In my journey to be healthy and fit, I have sometimes become mega focused on my goals, and my family has taken a back seat.  Taking time to step back and breathe has allowed me to reflect on gratitude.  I am grateful for the blessing of my children.  I am so proud of them both.  They are my heart.

On Veteran's Day, we went to Worcester to visit Mitch.  We were going to go hiking, but it rained all day.  Yesterday, Joey went on a college visit to Worcester State because he's interested in their Computer Science program.  He really liked it.  It will be both awesome and weird if they both go to the same college next year.  I'll probably get a room at a bed and breakfast so I can see them all the time.  (Just kidding!)
Question for you: (Answer in the comment section below.)
What fun things did you do this weekend?

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