Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Countdown Has Begun

I cannot believe Christmas is in one week.  I wrote the date a couple of time and I thought, "Oh my goodness, it's Christmas Eve in one week.  I'm NOT ready!"  I have so much to do.  Presents to buy and wrap.  Food to prepare.  Parties to attend.  Cards to send.  The list is so long.
My intern, Jami gave me this Wonder Woman lanyard for Christmas.  She totally made my day!
In September, after I did the Ride to Remember (read about that here: The Girl Picked Last), I started 100 Days of Gratitude and I am on Day 86.  This means there are 14 days left, 14 Days left of 2015, 15 days to start your New Years Resolutions.  It's been 7 days since I hurt my back...while I am feeling better, I am no where near 100%. I wish I could count  down to how long that will be!
Day 1 and Days 49 & 50 of my 100 Days of Gratitude.  Today is Day 86.  Hard to believe I'm almost done.
For me, 2016 promises some milestones:  Brian and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my son is graduating from high school, I am graduating from college (again), both of my kids get to vote in their first presidential election...and there are probably more. 
Brian & I at my parents' house at a family Christmas party last weekend.
It seems like we live in a perpetual state of counting down. To a certain degree, that's not such a bad thing. If we have something to look forward to, it keeps us going. It keeps me on my toes. 

As the holidays are rapidly approaching and 2015 comes to a close, think positively about what you have to look forward to...maybe it's a New Years Resolution... A change you want to make to improve your life in some way. Maybe it's a birth of a child or grandchild, a wedding, a landmark birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation. Whatever it is, consider what can you do to make it the best it can be? 
Pic on the left is me before I started this journey two years ago.  I weighed 232 lbs.
In 2014, when I started on my journey towards fitness, I didn't really have a plan. I just kind of jumped in and said, "Ok, enough already!" Two years into my journey, I continue to seek improvement. I'm not interested in having a perfect body.  But... Balance. Health. Fitness. Relationships. Finishing my degree.  Giving back. Helping others. These things I do seek.

Let the countdown begin!
Dominick the Donkey
by Lou Monte
This is my favorite fast, upbeat, peppy Christmas song.  Every time I hear it, I want to clap my hands and get up and do a little jiggedy jig.  It makes me laugh.  I love it!  I think it is the cutest, corniest, funniest song that comes out at Christmas.  I wish I could play it all year long, but then people might think I'm a little crazy.  (I am, but who cares!)

Questions for you: 
(Answer in the comment section below.)
What New Year's resolutions are you considering for 2016?
Do you have any landmark events coming up in 2016?

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