Monday, September 28, 2015

Rugged Super Heroes

This is a photo blog entry.  Pictures only, not much commentary.  Yesterday I posted Feeling Rugged, where I told you all about the difference a year makes.  So, if you missed that, make sure you check it out.

Super Heroes BEFORE
Maria and I striking a rocker pose.  I think I look ridiculously stupid.  Maria can pull it off.  Me, not so much.
Before you even get to the starting line, you have to climb over this 4' wall.  
Getting ready...Billy is smart.  He's stretching.  Maria and I are posing.  See my arms?  I have cut off tube socks on.  I look pretty ridiculous right now, but I have no scrapes or bruises on my arms this year, so score one for me!
Maria, me, Mitch, Brian, Billy (Mike is behind Billy, but you can't really see him).
The balancing beam was the first obstacle we caught up with our spectators.  This was just about near mile 2.
Lots of climbing through mud...You can see most of my team entering the tubes here.
My team is either climbing through the mud or in the tube...I am the one with the orange shirt just getting out of the tube.
Pardon my back I am cheering my team on...Brian is just getting out of the tube.
Yes, that's me jumping over fire into a bath of muddy water.  It may sound crazy, but this was so much fun!
The Warped Wall
Probably the most challenging obstacle of all.  We all made it!  
(I didn't get a picture of Billy on the wall)
Joey getting ready....
Up, up, up, and up!  He was a rock star!
We are all standing there, thinking, "HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?"
Mitch did it like it was nothing.
I did it!!!!  Last year I couldn't do it.  This year I wouldn't take no for an answer!!!
Mike (on the right)
Almost to the finish line...
When you get over the warped wall, you have to climb across the cargo ropes to the other side.
If you are afraid of heights, do NOT look down!!!
Made it!!!  Water and orange wedge in hand!
Everyone on our Super Heroes team survived!  All a little dirtier for the wear, but in one piece.
Want to join our team next year?  You can register now and get the discounted rate of $39.  It's next year, September 24 - 25.  Not sure how long this price will hold.  I'll let you know what our team name is and which heat we plan to go out on, in case you want to go out with us.  We'd LOVE to have more people on our team.  For more information, go to Rugged Maniac.

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Questions for you...  (answer in the comment section below)
1.  Are you rugged enough to do this?
2.  How crazy am I for loving this?