Friday, September 4, 2015

In a Fog

The Ride to Remember is in TWO weeks!!!  Unknowingly, we all wore our R2R gear.  I wore my jacket until it got too warm and  the guys wore their shirts.  

August was NOT the greatest month for me. It was one thing or another.  September started with a bang.

I'd been having some serious headaches at night lately.
The kind you can't lift your head up.
Throbbing across the right side of my head into my temple.
Let me just close my eyes for a minute and I will be ok.
Add some dizziness and mental fatigue for good measure.
This is how I was ending my nights every day for close to a week.  
I thought it was stress.
Monday was the first day of school.

I woke up Tuesday morning with shooting pains so bad I thought I needed to go to the e.r. I got up, walked around for a bit. It was not easy to move. Coffee. Shower. Advil.  By 6:30, I felt like I could make it to work and would call the doctor when the office opens.
Saw the PA who did a neurological assessment, but was concerned because I hit my head when I fell two weeks ago. Sent me for a CT scan, but told me she thought it was probably a concussion. Gave me a 2-page list of things to avoid:
  • No work 
  • No driving 
  • No exercise
  • No riding a bike
  • No using computers 
  • No TV
  • No texting 
  • The list went on...
Apparently no living.

I was upset, but in so much pain that I knew I had to give myself time to recover.

Went back to work. (I don't listen to instructions well.) When I got home, I crashed. I laid on the couch, dozing on and off until bed time.
The cat would NOT leave me alone.
Wednesday: Repeat of Tuesday (minus doctor's visit and CT scan)
When I got home from work Wednesday, I didn't move from the couch until I went to bed.

Thursday:  woke up and was feeling somewhat better. Class Thursday night.  Wasn't sure how I would make it through. Solution?  Power nap after work. I made it through class. Got home...crashed on the couch.

Today (Friday): I am still not feeling myself 100%, but the pain is manageable with OTC meds (Excedrin Migraine is a miracle drug). 

I saw the chiropractor.
Seriously - why didn't I call him right after my fall?  I wouldn't be in the shape I am if I'd seen him two weeks ago.  He promised he will fix me up so I can to the Ride to Remember in two weeks.

I went to the gym after work.  Even though I've felt horrible, I've been missing the gym.  The satisfaction of working out, leaving feeling both fatigued and pumped at the same time. It's hard to explain unless you work out, to know exactly what I mean. It wasn't a great workout.  No head ache or fatigue, but I had some equilibrium issues, so I had to take it really easy.

I want to ride my bike so badly. I can feel the wind and smell the asphalt, the hay, the manure.  The plan is to head out tomorrow with Brian for an easy ride on the Southwick trail.
This is an apple tree from my ride Sunday morning.
Pizza for dinner.  Carbs loading for tomorrow's ride.  Umm, yeah, that's a good excuse to have pizza, right?   (Update:  Pic above is from Saturday's ride.  We went 51 miles, with a 14 MPH pace.  Went with my husband and his BFF.  I didn't push myself too hard, and felt good about the ride.  Weather was perfect.)

 After dinner, I headed out for some shopping.  I'm trying to gradually add to my fall wardrobe so the cost doesn't hit me all at once.  I have some coupons for Kohl's and wanted to get some tops.  I tried a few on, in styles I used to wear. But my boobs are so small and I'm so thin that they looked completely ridiculous on me.  I could not find one top.  Not one.  I need help shopping. 
I used to LOVE Kohl's because I could always find something that fit me.  These pants, a Size 6 were too big.  I'm holding the waist out here, but I seriously had a big bubble butt with them on.  I looked ridiculous.  (Erica LOVED my shirt when I sent her this picture.)
The ride is in two weeks.  I will be ready.  I'll tell you the truth.  I should be resting.  I should be taking it easy.  I should.  But the desire to push myself is stronger than the desire to rest.  (Update:  Today's ride went well.  I am pretty tired and am taking it easy for the rest of the day.)
In all seriousness, though...
Concussions are no joke.  My fall was nearly three weeks ago and I did not develop symptoms for nearly two weeks.  I thought my head ache was from stress.  It was the dizziness and the confusion that had me worried.  When the pain intensified so badly, I was worried that something serious was wrong.  Since my fall, I've been weeping nearly every day.  I did not know what was wrong with me - I thought it was stress and hormones.  The Physician's Assistant told me that irritability and change in mood is typical for a concussion.  That was a relief.  I thought I was going crazy.
The ONLY treatment for concussion is rest.  You can't mess around with it.  I AM listening to my body and I am only doing what I feel I can do.  (I'll admit that working has been a struggle at times this week.) 
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