Sunday, September 6, 2015

What is an A-

It's all about Macros. 
I follow flexible dieting, and carb-cycle on the days I ride more than 25 miles.  Nutritionally and physically, August was a rough month for me.   My stomach felt horrible most of the month and I couldn't really figure out how to fix the problem.  I thought it was a reaction to something in my diet, but chances are it's a combination of lots of things.

That said, I have done my best to keep track of my food  and log everything in the gym's food journal.  Even WITH my concussion.  Even WITH my stomach pain.  Yesterday when I logged into the gym's nutrition journal, my nutrition grade was a B-.  A B-!!!  What the heck is that?  Today I logged in and my nutrition grade is an A-.  An A-!!!  No, no, no, no!  I am Wonder Woman.  I log my food every day.  I'm a member of the A+ club, NOT the A- club and certainly NOT the B- club.  What's that???
WHAT???   This Week's Grade A-
WHAT is that????
Ok, I think it's definitely time to switch to My Fitness Pal.

Have I ever told you how competitive I am?  Have you gotten the picture that I am an over achiever?  (How has my husband put up with me all these years?)

I think I am most upset about my badge of honor being ripped from the wall of the gym.  There is NO B- or A- club. If I am going to have my Wonder Woman taken off the wall, it's going to be because I start using My Fitness Pal, NOT because the stupid tracker has decided to punish me for carb-cycling.  I mean, geesh Louise!  The nerve.

Today I went apple picking with my godson.  He and his mom came over after and we had a picnic on the deck, followed by a campfire and S'Mores.  I planned for this all day, allowing the extra carbs for my S'Mores.  I still came up short on calories, but I'm not hungry and off to bed for me.

Favorite part of summer is sitting by the campfire.
S'Mores:  When you plan for a treat like this, it doesn't really mess up your macros.  These were delicious!
A-!!!  WHAT is that?

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Questions for you:  
What was the best part of your weekend so far?
What's kind of nutrition plan do you follow?
Answer in the comments below.