Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wonder Women Fitness for Life

I am SOOOO excited!  Today we go live with our fitness support group.

This group is for anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle who would like some support along the way.

I have found that having a support system is critical to achieving my goals, to sticking with it through trials, to getting back to the program when I fall down, and to keeping my motivation level high.  So, join our group!

We will not follow any particular nutritional plan.  I am recommending everyone use MyFitnessPal to keep track of their calories.  MyFitnessPal sets nutritional goals - carbohydrates, protein and fat within your calorie limit.  It also adds to your calorie goal if you workout, so you are not limited to the low calorie guide if you are exercising.  I'm getting the hang of it and I like it!

We are committed to changing our lifestyle - to becoming healthy and fit.  In so much as that is our general goal, every member will be challenged to set two fitness goals and work to accomplish these.

I am encouraging everyone to do a minimum of 30-minutes per day / exercise, with three 60-minute workouts within one week.  It might seem like a lot at first, but you can do it!!!  Believe in yourself.

If you want to join our group, you can search for us on Facebook:  Wonder Women Fitness for Life.  If you can't find the group that way, you can friend me on Facebook:  Tracey Pippin Coleman and I will add you to the group.

We start Week One today!

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