Sunday, September 27, 2015

Feeling Rugged

What a difference one year makes!

Yesterday was the Rugged Maniac.  I did it for the first time in 2014 and had a blast.  It was a HUGE boost for my self-confidence and my first fitness goal accomplished.  We signed up to do it again this year and got a team together to do it with us.  Our team was Super Heroes.
Hulk, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spiderman, SuperGirl, Batman & The Flash
Both of my kids did it too, which made it that more special.  In fact, Joey ditched us towards the beginning of the race.  He finished 45 minutes before most of us on the team.  He crushed it!  I am so proud of him!
Joey totally crushed Rugged!!!
Since it's a mud run, you can't really bring your camera with you.  I did just get a Go-Pro, but I'd need a body mount to bring it on something like this.  I did see one guy with his Go-Pro, I have to admit, I was a little jealous.

Here's the difference a year makes...there are only five, so be patient:

1.  Running
I have strict orders from my doctor to not run at all because of my knee.  This year?  I ran a lot more than I did last year (and I wasn't even tired).  I would have kept running too, but most our team decided to walk it, making it an obstacle only race.  My left hamstring felt really tight and I think I'd might have injured it if I ran, so I'm okay with that.  (As far as the doctor's orders go...I will listen to him with his suggestions, but I will listen to my body more than to him.  If I listened to the orthopedic surgeon I would still be fat and I would never have done anything that I set out to do this past year.  I know doctors are conservative and I know doctors supposedly know best.  But I know I've learned a lot about my health and how to take care of my knee.  So I won't set out to run as a hobby, but I'm not letting him hold me back either.)

2.  Wonder Woman lends a hand
I was coaching and helping other people throughout the entire race.  There are a few obstacles you have to climb over - very tall walls - and that transition from one side to the next is very scary.  Looking down can really make you NOT be able to do it.  So I would stand on the other side and say, "Don't look down, just figure out where you are going to put your foot.  There you go, you got this!"  At one of the first walls, a lady said, "You are awesome.  Can I stay with you the whole race?"  Her friend said, "Don't you see her shirt?  She's Wonder Woman!"  Maria said, "She is Wonder Woman!"

3.  The Ringer
I totally killed this obstacle this year.  Last year, I tried it.  I gave it an honest go, but I fell into the water immediately.  As part of my training this year, I've been doing pull-ups and hanging leg raises, so I was a lot more prepared for this one obstacle and I made it across.  Mitch made it most of the way, too.  I was the only one from our team that tried the obstacle without falling into the water.
Obviously, this is NOT me!!!  This is a picture from the Rugged Maniac.  It shows what I'm talking about with the rings.  
4.  The Warped Wall.  
The last obstacle is a huge warped wall you have to climb up and over, praying someone on the other side will help boost you over. Last year I was self-conscious about my weight and I said, "I'll give it one go, and if I don't get it, I'm going up the ladder."  And that's exactly what happened.  This year, I was like, "No, way!  I'm doing this."  Before we started, Erica kept saying, "This is what you need to do.  Run and run and keep running even when you think you can't run anymore.  Don't reach for the people at the top of the wall, just throw your arms up and let them grab your wrist.  Don't lean forward."  Okay, mental note to self taken.  So when we got to the end, I was rehearsing her message over and over in my head.  I let Mitch and his friend John go first so they could grab my arms.  I ran and ran as fast as I could and I did it!  I got over the wall successfully.  It wasn't a pretty climb over, but I did it!!  I was super pumped and so excited.
Run up, up, up and go over!  
5.  Pretty good for a girl! 
So, back last spring Dmitriy wanted me to do pull-ups.  I didn't really feel the desire to do pull-ups, but he wanted me to work on them.  I can do five, which I guess is pretty good for a girl.  There's this one guy in the gym who stared at me and made a comment about me doing them.  (That's a little bit creepy, but my confidence is increasing, so...)  After you are done with the Rugged Maniac race, there is a big party.  Everyone over 21 gets a free beer ticket, there is a DJ playing, and there are games and prizes.  It's a lot of fun.  I decided to do the Marines Challenge, which was to do pull-ups.  I was aiming for seven, which would have been two more than I normally do.  I did 5 1/2.  I think that's pretty good for a girl.  Especially after being tired from doing Rugged.

6.  I lied, there are six!
I was soooo cold after the race.  It was sunny and about 70 degrees out, but my clothes were wet and I was shivering.  Brian says, "Don't you have on a sports bra?  Just take your shirt off and you'll warm up."  And that's what I did.  I NEVER would have done that last year!
It's a great feeling to be comfortable enough in your own skin to take your shirt off because you're cold.  I supposed my sports bra covers more than my bathing suit, so...
Jenna, Erica and Joe came to take pictures.  I'll post more pictures in a separate post.  Next year, I hope they all do it with us!!!  It was soooooo much fun!  I think next year's team should be Wonder Women and Super Men.  Yeah, I'll work on that.  (I saw one girl was dressed up AS Wonder Woman.  She had on a Wonder Woman shirt, with coordinating shorts, socks and a cape.  I was jealous.  Definitely jealous.)

Mitch, Brian, me and Joey.  A great family fun day!
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